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Published on 08-21-2015 by the General Post Office

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The General Post Office was formed in 1775-1776 which formed the original Confederacy of 1781. The General Post Office has been reclaimed and reformed in 2010. It reformed the original Confederacy of 1781 into a republic form of Government for American Nationals. LINK

The General Post Office operates as a Government Agency of the Government of The United States of America when dealing with foreign powers and as the case may arise. Otherwise, it operates as it did in 1775 and 1776 although it now serves a National republic form of Government rather than a Confederacy, 1781 form of central Government.

The General Post Office is bound to uphold a republic form of Government as defined: LINK

The General Post Office will do its best to serve American Nationals and State residents while upholding a republic form of Government.


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