Elected for the office of the registrar for The United States of America:

Alice Ceniceros


The Government of The United States of America,
RR 1 Box #4
Office of the registrar
The United States of America,
Global Postal Code-NAC:850H2 MR7C8

Office Holder Credentials

One thought on “Registrar

  1. Hello Ms Alice
    looking to complete my
    oath of affirmation already
    signed the bilateral social
    compact understand there was
    some misunderstanding
    as to seem that the invite
    was rejected not true. the same
    forces that are attacking the
    Reigns of the Heavens is being
    done to me as well this may only be speculation but perhaps
    one of the goals is to keep
    individuals from populating
    nation state governments
    thus making your job more difficult than it needs to be

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