State Residents, American Nationals, reign nationals, residents from Canada and original court locations within The United States of America

Verified and Mapped


Map Legend:


American Nationals

State Residents: Notice-Many State Residents have claimed a Nationality so this map may not be up to date on claims of Nationality.


reign nationals




General Post Office’s





residents from Canada re-joined with the original Union


Nationalized property



original court locations-  Customary International law

Link to:

The one supreme court judicial districts of The United States of America

37 thoughts on “State Residents, American Nationals, reign nationals, residents from Canada and original court locations within The United States of America

  1. It would be nice to have a legend and also physical locations directory, just for information.

  2. It is quite a process. It takes up to 6 months depending how quick the individual absorbs the information needed to do the job.

  3. Is there a way to contact these folks to maybe start a PMA or can we join a PMA in any state?

  4. Joining these folks would be defined as an assembly. We are hoping that all residents would form their assembly and eventually grow into many assemblies. The National assembly is more than eager to help.


  6. I have just a few important question and cannot find this information desperately seeking live voice to speak with would be extremely grateful if someone could respond will email my phone# thank you very much and god bless

  7. The resident id# generator on the right side of the front page of this website.

  8. Greetings! I’ve done the State Resident Declaration, but I’m not seeing it within the list of State Declared Residents. Can you update and repopulate the list, or reconfirm that i’ve done it correctly?

  9. What are we suppose to do when we want to order something from off the internet, like say, from, they don’t or won’t allow shipping without the ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code….I’ve made several attempts to change my address with them to no avail, even tried emailing the CEO of Amazon, and got his corrupt mouthpiece instead with a very lame excuse, or was it an explanation…not sure. Anyway, I need some help and/or insight into this mess… guys seem to be lacking in help yourselves…I see responses are very slow coming…

  10. We need you to show where on this website or anywhere in the Government documents where you were informed that USPS or Amazon would deliver to the NAC Code?

  11. Your answer is a little confusing…..I’m still not very familiar with, nor know exactly where everything is that you’re talking about…be patient, I’m still learning..

  12. The Government of The United States of America has its own passports and yes they are used and accepted all over the country when used in appropriate situations.

  13. I am interested in the American National documents, but the link is only for the resident document. How can the American National documents be attained?

  14. what is the appropriate situation for use of the passport? because i want to see what you are saying help me to overstand the verbage you use thanks

  15. You will need to click the link above called “Help Desk” for further information.

  16. You start out declaring residency then move towards claiming a Nationality.

  17. Considering the length of time this has been organized, I am amazed at what has been accomplished. I am focussed on contributing to the cause in the very near future, as soon as I get my own personal trials conquered.

  18. Do i have to claim a religion to join Tough Mothers Against Child Trafficking. And to be an American Nationals…?

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